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Tissue Services

Organ and tissue transplantation has begun a medical revolution. Organs save lives and tissues improve the quality of life for millions of people. Organ transplants such as hearts, livers and kidneys usually attract media attention because of the drama associated with life-saving operations. However, tissue transplants make possible skin grafts for thousands of critically burned patients: patients who require breast reconstruction postmastectomy, or undergo complex surgical repair; others in need of soft tissue repair; donated corneas avert or correct blindness; donor heart valves help repair cardiac defects or damage; bone, cartilage and tendon grafts help restore function in people who would otherwise be incapacitated or disabled.

All of these life saving and life enhancing procedures are possible because very generous people are willing to donate their organs and tissues in order to save and improve the lives of others. The following links are provided to help you learn more about how to save and improve lives through organ and tissue donation.

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