LifeCell is committed to providing customer service, including product reimbursement education and resources, to clinical providers and healthcare facilities that use our products.

LifeCell Reimbursement Support

The Reimbursement Education Hotline is staffed by reimbursement specialists offering assistance with the following:

  • Coding Education
  • Published Coverage Guidelines
  • Reimbursement Support

LifeCell provides resources to assist with reimbursement questions for our products including:

Reimbursement Access Program

To further our commitment to our patients and customers, LifeCell provides reimbursement education services through our Reimbursement Access Program to assist with your coding, coverage and reimbursement questions for the LifeCell portfolio of products.* 

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The Reimbursement Access Program is staffed with experienced certified coding staff who provide the following reimbursement education support to physicians, hospitals, Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs) and patients, including:

  • Education: Educate on correct coding, published insurance coverage and policy guidelines, payment methodologies, and impact of policy changes.
  • Processing Support: Provide support for coding, billing options on non-published coverage criteria in support of economically efficient use of products and accurate claims processing.
  • Coverage Assistance: Provide accurate and objective information and materials to better assist HCPs in obtaining coverage decisions with payors, and documenting updates to coverage decisions in support of patient access to LifeCell products.

Coding Guidelines

Facility Coding Information Sheet

Physician Coding Information Sheet

REVOLVE™ System Coding Information Sheet

*A signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is required prior to receipt of protected health information (PHI). Under the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, a HIPAA business associate agreement (BAA) is a mandatory contract between a HIPAA-covered entity and a HIPAA business associate (BA) and is required whenever a contractor provides functions, activities, or services involving the use and/or disclosure of PHI. This contract protects the personal health information in accordance with HIPAA guidelines.

Disclaimer: The information provided by LifeCell is general reimbursement information only. It is not legal advice, nor is it advice about how to code, complete, or submit any particular claim for payment. Although we supply this information for your convenience, it does not represent a guarantee, promise or statement by LifeCell concerning guarantee of payment or levels of reimbursement.  The information provided is not intended to increase or maximize reimbursement. It is the provider’s responsibility to determine how to complete a claim form, select appropriate codes, amounts to charge, modifiers used, and ultimately what is submitted for services rendered. Payors or their regional offices may have their own coding and reimbursement requirements and policies. Before filing any claims, providers should verify current requirements and policies with the payor. Consult the LifeCell Reimbursement Education Hotline at 1 (800) 668-6812 or for additional information.