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SPY Elite® System Benefits

Intraoperative Perfusion Assessment

The SPY Elite® System enhances surgeons’ ability to visualize and analyze perfusion intraoperatively and in real time.

Increased Confidence

The SPY Elite® System offers surgeons a reliable and objective way to assess perfusion intraoperatively.

Repeatable Technique

The SPY Elite® System involves no ionizing radiation and utilizes a non-nephrotoxic fluorescence agent with very short half-life thus allowing surgeons to repeat intraoperative perfusion assessment numerous times throughout the procedure.

Improved Outcomes

In multiple studies, the SPY Elite® System assisted surgeons’ visualization which resulted in reducing perfusion related complications.*

For complete safety information and complete instructions for proper use of the SPY Elite® System, please refer to the Operator’s Manual and SPY Elite® Kit Instructions for Use. For more information about indocyanine green (ICG), see the full Prescribing Information contained in the SPY Elite® Kit. The SPY Elite® System is intended for use as an adjunctive method of assessing tissue perfusion in plastic, reconstructive, micro, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular surgical procedures.  The SPY Elite® System is to be used under the direction of a physician.