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Complex reconstructions often require the use of tissue flaps. Despite excellent surgical techniques, complications can occur. The primary cause of these early complications is often attributed to inadequate tissue perfusion.

The SPY Elite® System enables accurate, intraoperative assessment of tissue perfusion providing surgeons with real-time information needed to modify operative plans and optimize outcomes before the patient leaves the operating table. The SPY Elite® System is intended for perfusion visualization and assessment in plastic and reconstructive procedures.

For complete safety information and complete instructions for the proper use of the SPY Elite® System, please refer to the SPY Elite® System Operator's Manual and SPY Elite® System Kit Instructions for Use. The SPY Elite® System is intended for use as an adjunctive method of assessing tissue perfusion in plastic, reconstructive, micro, gastrointestinal, and cardiovascular surgical procedures. The SPY Elite® System is to be used under the direction of a physician.