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Extending the Boundaries of the Surgeon's Eye

LifeCell Corporation and NOVADAQ Technologies agree to early transition of SPY Elite® Intraoperative Perfusion Assessment System business back to NOVADAQ


Tissue perfusion is a key indicator of tissue health, crucial to surgical success and the body’s ability to heal. Even a few hours of impaired perfusion can cause irreversible damage and costly complications. The current standard for assessing tissue perfusion is clinical judgment. Despite excellent surgical techniques, perfusion-related complications still occur. These complications can range from emotionally traumatic scarring, to potentially fatal anastomotic leaks. Surgeons deserve a tool that can increase their confidence when making perfusion related decisions intraoperatively.

The SPY Elite® System enables intraoperative assessment of tissue perfusion providing surgeons with real-time information that may be used to modify operative plans and optimize outcomes before the patient leaves the operating table. This technology as an adjunctive tool may help surgeons assess vascular abnormalities that clinical judgment alone cannot detect. Ultimately, the surgeon can feel more secure in making decisions that may prevent costly complications, including repeat surgeries, and improve aesthetic results.

For complete safety information and complete instructions for proper use of the SPY Elite® System, please refer to the Operator’s Manual and SPY Elite® Kit Instructions for Use. For more information about indocyanine green (ICG), see the full Prescribing Information contained in the SPY Elite® Kit. The SPY Elite® System is intended for use as an adjunctive method of assessing tissue perfusion in plastic, reconstructive, micro, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular surgical procedures.  The SPY Elite® System is to be used under the direction of a physician.