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Cymetra® Micronized AlloDerm® Tissue

Cymetra® Micronized AlloDerm® Tissue (MAT) is a minimally invasive, injectable form of AlloDerm® Regenerative Tissue Matrix

Cymetra® MAT is actually a micronized particulate form of AlloDerm® Tissue Matrix. Like AlloDerm® Tissue Matrix, Cymetra® MAT contains all the elements needed to replace tissue (collagens, elastin, proteins, and proteoglycans). The collagens and elastin provide structure for cell repopulation, while the proteoglycans and proteins allow the patient's own cells to initiate revascularization and cell repopulation.

Because of the small particle size, Cymetra® MAT can be delivered by injection as a minimally invasive tissue graft. Like AlloDerm® Tissue Matrix, Cymetra® MAT is a natural alternative to using the patient's own tissue, or to traditional products that act as substitutes for soft tissue. Cymetra® is remodeled into normal soft tissue by the body - with a low potential for eliciting an inflammatory response or graft rejection.

Cymetra® MAT is ideally suited for the correction of soft-tissue defects requiring minimally invasive techniques, such as injection laryngoplasty. To learn more about using Cymetra® MAT for injection laryngoplasty, read on.

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